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I have to admit that I almost gave up trying to fix this gaming desktop machine. After taking three days to test why it would not display anything and especially when the customer has paid over £2500 on this computer.

A new processor had been installed to give amazing improved graphics. This is vital for the gaming enthusiast but it would not work. Kevin picked up the computer to see if I could solve the problem…

We don’t wish to confuse you with technical jargon but I had to systematically strip down the whole desktop. Eventually after eliminating all possibilities taking 6 days, it would not work nor give any indication to resolve issues.

Personally I never give up so I removed the processor and reseated it. Upgraded all memory in the bios which is so complex on a dying computer. I fired up the computer after reassembly which took 3 hours and what happens?

Amazing yes all systems go and so fast with incredible graphics to play games and no problems whatsoever.  The moral of the story is I only charged for 2 hours work as the customer was so pleased. That in itself is more gratifying to me. I just like to help people. A miracle in the making !