You Would Not Believe It

You Would Not Believe It

Well, the headline speaks for itself as I had a call from a customer stating that he had a bit of a problem with his lap top and could I visit asap.

He was not specific as to what the actual problem was, but nevertheless in our usual helpful manner I agreed to visit their house based in Beckenham, Kent within two hours..

After a polite introduction he said that he thought there  were viruses  slowing things down and could I do a quick health check whilst there. No problem I started to do usual checks, full scans etc and then suddenly came across approx 50 explicit videos which he had downloaded.

In my diplomatic approach I said there appears to be some pornographic material which has attracted vast number of malware, viruses etc and that I could fix this over two hour period. OK he said and then his wife came in with a huge grin to simply say “We have a very active sex life and really enjoy the videos to spice things up” Well, it takes all sorts I replied in a humourous manner.

She then simply went into the kitchen made a cup of tea for her husband and he laughed.

Maybe we need to be a little more careful in future as you never know what you will find on the web.

I agreed and left after solving the problem and then thought:-

“Just another day in the life of a computer engineer”


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